Ron Garretson  Director  NBA 
    Joe DeRosa  Co-Director  NBA 
​                     2007-2012
      Ed T. Rush  Co-Director  NBA 
                    1989 - 1998
     Bob Delaney  Co-Director  NBA
                    1989 - 2003

NBA Staff Attendees & Instructors

Joe Crawford            Greg Willard        
Jim Wishmier            ​Kenny Mauer     
Monty McCutchen     Nolan Fine
Mike Callahan           Mark Wunderlich 
Ed Malloy                  Leon Wood      
David Jones              Scott Wall
Eli Roe                      Rodney Mott  
Gary Zielinski            Violet Palmer 
Brent Barnaky           Eric Dalen
Tom Washington       Chris Goodyear   Derek Richardson     Bill Spooner

Sean Wright             Josh Tiven
Tommy Nunez         James Capers       Mark Ayotte              Billy Kennedy      
Derrick Stafford       Justin Van Duyne
Mitchell Ervin           Tony Brothers   Eric Lewis                Jason Phillips       
Tre Maddox              Pat Fraher

Coast to Coast Referee School was founded in 1989 by NBA Referees Ron Garretson and Ed T. Rush, and is the longest consecutive running referee school in the USA. Today the tradition of excellence is carried on by Ron Garretson. Coast to Coast is designed to provide students with the best possible instruction from some of the most knowledgable referees in the world. The entire staff is comprised of current and former NBA Officials dedicated to passing their knowledge on to you. Take the next step in your development by attending Coast to Coast.



Below are some of the elements that you will experience at Camp:

Classroom Sessions
The Class Room Sessions give students a chance to listen to and interact with different staff members on a wide variety of subjects. Typically, during the opening welcome classroom session we will go through staff and student introductions. Following the welcome, we dive right into discussions on officiating:  Topics include:

Floor positioning  
Floor Coverage
Expectations of Campers
Question and Answers
Typically each referee will do 1 to 2 games per day.  Each game is observed by at least one NBA referee.  The NBA referee observing the game will do much more than just watch.  They are there to provide immediate feedback and instruction.  The feedback is not designed to criticize but to help you improve.

Video Review
After each game the officiating crew will go to a separate video room to review the game (if the facility being used has video taping capabilities).  During the review, an NBA referee will sit with the crew to provide feedback and instruction.  Video review is one of the most important aspects to referee development. You will learn how to break down a game tape like the pros. Taking notes during the video review will give you an opportunity to provide your own re-fresher course after camp has ended. An officiating Journal is a must for continued review and career progress.